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Who Are Dominos Pizza?

Domino's Pizza is recognised as the world's leading pizza delivery company. Their expertise and passion for delivering hot and fresh pizza has earned them numerous awards and the loyalty of millions of pizza lovers around the world. Order your Pizzas online here

Free Dominos Pizza
Free Dominos Pizza

Use the ihavemoved website and get a Domino's pizza for Free! You must be moving to an address in a Domino's Pizza delivery area. You need to use the ihavemoved service. When you are confirming your ihavemoved requests, just tick the Free pizza box to claim your pizza and Domino's will send your voucher to your new address.

Domino's founder Thomas S Monaghan, the world's leading authority on pizza-making and delivery, once said, "Pizza is complicated - part chemistry, part artistry".

At Domino's Pizza we recognise this, and so that our pizza-makers can create a total quality pizza designed to delight their customers for life, we ensure that they know everything there is to know about the ingredients that go into making an outstanding Domino's Pizza.

To give you an example, Domino's Pizza knows that if we were to use pepperoni that was too thickly cut then our customer's pizza would be oily. We know that if our pizza makers don't slap out a fresh dough ball correctly or take too long doing so, then our hallmark crisp and airy base will not be achieved.

There are a million facts like this that our expert pizza-makers must learn before they are allowed to prepare pizza for our customers - that's why we have a University of Pizza dedicated to increasing our knowledge of the pizza-making process every single day.

Our passion to deliver the best-tasting pizza has led to a number of initiatives that have been adopted by the industry as standard. Domino's invented the conveyor oven, the corrugated pizza box and the insulated delivery bag, as well as a host of other items used daily in thousands of pizza delivery stores around the globe.

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